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Your Seasoned Guide in Real Estate Rental Expertise, Backed by Financial Acumen.

With a rich background in finance, specializing in providing top-tier real estate rental consulting. Taking immense pride in not only serving the thriving communities of Colorado and Texas but also in continuous expansion and evolution.

Meet Courtney

Originating from the vibrant roots of El Paso, the Sun City, I hold immense pride in my upbringing in this culturally rich locale. Now settled as a proud Colorado resident, I’ve spent over a decade honing my expertise in banking and wealth management, channeling my commitment to financial excellence.Amidst the professional sphere, my heart is dedicated to nurturing an incredible bond with my three children. Our shared love for the outdoors unites us as we explore hiking trails, casting lines into tranquil waters while fishing, and reveling in the invigorating sport of tennis.

Our Services

Upfront Cost Analysis

Determine your initial expenses and the essentials for launching.

Monthly cost analysis

Estimate costs, including utilities and upkeep. Plan for restocking and explore automation options for efficiency.


Professional listing services, featuring high-quality photography.

Setup Cleaning Services

Create a structured plan for cleaning services with defined tasks, schedules, and quality standards.

What Our Clients Say

“They did an AMAZING job, and thanks so much! Their consulting changed our lives and now the property makes more than double what it did as a long term rental. Highly recommend"
Will Campbell
"Great experience, Courtney's guidance and knowledge made the entire process super easy. I got my short-term rental home ready in 30 days!! All done with her expertise. I highly recommend her. Thank you again."
Abreu Sami
“I used Casa Consulting with Courtney to help get my house ready to rent and up on Airbnb. It rented in a week! She is very knowledgeable and made the process easy. I would totally recommend her to anyone wanting to rent out their house. Thank you Courtney!!”
CHeryl Gibbs
"Spiced up the Airbnb with some new decor and pictures. We couldn't have done it without Courtney Raudry Fabrizio! Seriously beautiful and ready for your family or romantic getaway! Check it out!"
Kayla Jaussi

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